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Never Too Old

( Intermediate Level ) Grandpa Joe married at the tender age of seventeen his childhood sweetheart. He never finished high school because his father’s cattle business needed extra hands. This business was eventually passed down to him when his parents died. It wasn’t large by any means. It earned him enough to feed his family … Continue reading Never Too Old

Who I See in The Mirror

( Advanced Level ) Naomi was a straight – A student at school, an only child of upper – middle – class parents but when she looked in the mirror she didn’t like what she saw. She saw a girl who was unhappy. The other girls at her school did not like her. They would … Continue reading Who I See in The Mirror

Much More Than A Phoenix Chair

( Intermediate Level ) Jannatul had a dream. A dream to make life better for his younger brother, Abanish, and his mom, Barsha. His father had died shortly after he turned eleven years old and he became the man of the house. Unfortunately, Jannatul couldn’t attend a school like most his age. He had to work … Continue reading Much More Than A Phoenix Chair

Life In Chains

( Intermediate Level ) Phoebe always knew, since she was young, that she wanted to become a veterinarian. Once, she saved a small featherless bird which had fallen from its nest. She raised it to the point where it could be set free. Her father had told her it would not survive without its mother … Continue reading Life In Chains


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