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“Morning Coffee With Angel”

New! New! New! New! New! New! Starting March 1st, 2023 you can schedule a virtual conversation session with me using Microsoft Teams or Google Meet. Let’s discuss the latest story or any of the past stories together. “I am a native English speaker helping non – native speakers find their confidence in speaking English. With…

Missing? No, I Knew Where I Was

( A Story Told From A Dog’s Point Of View ) ( Intermediate Level ) ” It was Monday morning and Mom had to go to work. Nothing out of the ordinary. She usually gets up early to go through her emails and allows me time to play with her. I admit I can be…

Those Rugged Hands Reached Out

( Advanced Level ) It was a normal Friday afternoon as Megan left work. She was looking forward to the weekend and her Christmas dinner on Sunday. She hadn’t any special plans other than sitting at home watching movies and enjoying turkey and all the trimmings delivered by a local restaurant. For the past two…

I Haven’t Forgotten

( Advance Level ) Elizabeth O’Leary was just like all other typical teenagers, trying to fit in with her peers. High school was difficult, especially for a young teenage girl new to the school. Beth, as her grandparents called her, was no exception to the cruelty of her peers. The first three months, at her…


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Hi, I’m Lillie. Previously a magazine editor, I became a full-time mother and freelance writer in 2017. When I’m not spending time with my wonderful kids and husband, I love writing about my fascination with food, adventure, and living a healthy and organized life!

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