( Intermediate Level )

His English name is Billy and this is what his ESL teacher, Miss Clara, calls him. This is her second year seeing this young boy and his demeanor had changed dramatically since the year before.

Last year, in class, he listened carefully, participated when he could, and usually sat quietly in the classroom. This year it wasn’t so.

It was the beginning of the new school year and Miss Clara saw familiar faces and new ones. Billy’s was one. He made it a point to say hello and greet her with his usual high five and wonderful smile. This is the Billy she remembers.

It takes a few weeks of the new school year to have a permanent teaching schedule given to you. This allows the school time to work out the classroom sizes, and the amount of native English teachers available.

In the first few weeks, Miss Clara hadn’t seen Billy in any of her classes. It wasn’t until the fifth week had she received her permanent schedule and the classes she was responsible for.

As she followed her new schedule and alternating classes she discovered Billy was in her assigned classes along with other familiar faces. He was happy to see her and reached out for his usual high five.

On her first day teaching this class she noticed Billy had kept to himself more than before. She chalked it up to it being the beginning of the school year and everyone, staff and students alike, was adjusting.

It wasn’t until her third or fourth time in his classroom, that she noticed her once quiet student, from last year, was now very disrupted. He would stand up and flail his arms about, mumbling words that no one could understand, sometimes hitting himself about the body and head.

What had happened to make these changes in this student of hers? It is very difficult to get answers from other staff members, especially in a foreign country. Either they don’t question why or they assume he is a special needs student.

Clara was saddened to see this behavior in Billy. How was she to teach him now? She did the best she could. Involving him when she could and leaving him alone when he had his bad days, hoping he was listening when she taught.

As the weeks went by this same behavior continued until an incident happened that shook Clara. She kept her thoughts to herself for a while knowing the world is full of naysayers.

On this particular day, Billy was having a horrible day. He was unusually loud and physical. His homeroom teacher went to his desk not once but twice to quiet him. She motioned for him to get something out of his desk.

There are two students in this class who when they act out are to get out their small desktop whiteboards and write, draw, scribble, or whatever they choose to do. This is what his teacher asked him to retrieve.

Billy followed her instructions and he began to write something with great passion. He stood up and carefully showed the class what he wrote. Turning so as not to miss anyone seeing what was written.

He sat down and the class turned their attention once more to Miss Clara. She looked over at Billy and saw he was intent on what was on his whiteboard.

For the second time but much quieter, Billy stood up showing the class what was on his board. This time he made sure Miss Clara had seen.

What she read was unbelievable and no one knew what it truly meant except for Clara. She remembered seeing those words before.

Her morning teaching assistant and her locked eyes for a moment and she rolled her eyes. Clara thinks she must not truly understand.

For the remaining time of the English class, Billy sat quietly and Clara couldn’t wait to go on break so she could check on the internet to verify.

Tick tick tick the minutes went by. Miss Clara said goodbye to her students making sure to give Billy a high five. She was happy he responded. It was as if he was content with his mission of showing the class and her his message.

Clara sat at her usual bench outside pulling her cell phone out of her bag. She loved sitting there as it was in the sunshine plus the students would come down for their recess time soon., She loved watching them play.

She typed in the words she read on Billy’s whiteboard. She really tried to grasp the fact the words were above his grade level, they were written in English and with amazing penmanship and not a single spelling error.

She typed in the words he wrote “Korean International Flight 801”. Sure enough, this was a devastating plane crash that happened in 1997 before Billy was born.

She sat there just staring at the article. Trying to make sense of it. How can he know of such an event? How did he know how to spell it correctly? We are talking about a young boy at the age of seven soon to be eight. Not to mention his low-level English ability.

She finally shared this incident with her teaching assistant for her upper classes. He listened carefully and added his thoughts, “This student could have come across an article on the internet or heard someone talking about it.

This could all be true but things weren’t adding up. It was not a recent event and she quickly realized the conversation would go nowhere with her assistant. She shrugged it off and changed the subject.

That evening she thought about the incident once more and thinks that maybe it may have been one of the victims of this disastrous flight using Billy as a conduit from the other side. He or she wanted to get a message to someone on this side.

Maybe Billy has a special gift that he doesn’t quite understand. No one will ever know unless he discovers this himself. For now, Miss Clara feels honored that she witnessed this firsthand and shares her story with others that believe.

Written By: Angel

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Thoughts From Angel:

Usually, my writings are about life and circumstances that revolve around us as humans. Today’s story is a situation that hit close to home for me.

This story is 100% true. I was the teacher to this young boy. I have changed the names of those involved and will not share real pictures.

Can I say without a doubt what I think is happening is true? Absolutely not. I believe some people have the gift of spiritual connections and being a conduit for those on the other side.

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demeanor – noun: behavior

dramatically – adverb: large extent

participated – verb: take part in an action

chalk (ed ) it up – phrasal verb: to consider something as being caused by something else

flail – verb: to wave or swing arms wildly

mumbling – adjective: speaking in an indistinctive way

naysayers – noun: a person who criticizes, objects to, or opposes something

motioned – verb: direct or command (someone) with a movement of the hand or head

intent – noun: purpose

locked eyes – idiom: used to say that someone is looking at someone or something and not looking at anything else 

content : happiness

devastating – adjective : destructive or damaging

disastrous – adjective: causing great damage

conduit – noun: a channel

firsthand – adjective: personal experience

Question ( s ):

Do you believe?


( Intermediate Level )

At a very early age, Matthew saw things and heard things that others could not. He explained this to his mom and she shrugged it off as having a vivid imagination.

He, too, believed this until he couldn’t ignore it any longer. The voices grew louder and fleeting images appeared. He never feared them. He just didn’t understand why others couldn’t.

It wasn’t until his early twenties that he realized he had a gift and he wasn’t crazy. He kept hearing a man’s voice saying the same thing over and over again when he passed by the corner restaurant.

“Tell her I am ok and I will always be here for you. Tell her this.” Every day no matter what time of the day it was. He finally decided to listen.

Matthew walked into the restaurant and sat at a table. A waitress came and gave her a menu. He was unsure how to start or what to say to her.

Can I get you something to drink?”

Yes. Can I get a vanilla shake?” “Sure, I will be back shortly.” As Matthew sat looking around at the other occupants the voice began again. “Tell her.”

The waitress returned with his shake. “Have you decided on what you’d like to order?” She said as she placed the shake in front of him. “Ma’am, You are going to think I am crazy but please hear me out.”

He looked at her and smiled. “I was told, no demanded, to give you this message. I don’t know who it is specifically but he seems to know you.

Mathew swallowed and began, “Tell her I am ok and I will always be here for you.”The waitress, Julie as her name tag read, was shaken. “Who? Who said he would always be here for me?”

Matthew tried to explain. He told of his experiences in his early childhood to the waitress as she stood hanging on every word he said. He explained, “He has never given me a name and I saw him one time in my mind.”

At that exact moment, he heard that same voice but louder “Tell her it’s her dad. Gary. Gary Richard Brown.” The waitress dropped to her knees.

Gary Richard Brown was her father who had passed away 8 weeks ago. He lost his battle to uncontrolled diabetes.

“Julie, are you ok?” She told him who Gary was and that he had passed. This was a validation to Matthew that he wasn’t crazy. Somehow he was able to hear and see things.

Word had traveled fast in his neighborhood. He was said to be a miracle. He simply explained he was a conduit for those who left this world.

Of course, he was under the watchful eye of those nonbelievers but he continued to do what he did. He never tried to bring attention to himself.

He answered requests for private sessions. He chose not to have any further contact with those who requested a reading until the actual meeting. This way skeptics couldn’t say he was a fake.

Matthew and Julie kept in touch. He would stop by the restaurant at least once a week for a milkshake and a conversation.

Julie was the only one he could talk to about other regular events or things. They would sit for hours talking about their dreams and goals in life. Once in a while, they would catch a movie together.

Matthew never knew why he had this gift. He knew it was important to share these messages with those who were intended to receive them.

He didn’t need to prove anything. He was just their voices. Voices he heard and needed to be heard.

Written by: Angel

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Special note from the author: “I believe if it helps someone move on in their life or have closure, this is what truly counts. Skeptics will be skeptics and believers will be believers. This is their choice. Should we question this? Losing someone or not being able to say good bye can play havoc with your emotions.” – Angel


shrugged -verb: dismiss something as unimportant

vivid – adjective: powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind

imagination – noun: be creative or resourceful

fleeting -adjective: brief or short

gift – noun: natural ability or talent

hear me out -phrasal verb: to listen to

demanded – verb: insist or require

specifically – adverb:  a way that is exact and clear

hanging on every word – idiom: to listen very carefully or closely to 

diabetes – noun: a disease in which the body’s ability to produce or respond to the hormone insulin is impaired

validation – noun: affirmation or approving

miracle – noun: extraordinary

conduit – noun: a channel

watchful eye – idiom: supervise or to watch (someone or something) closely

nonbelievers – noun: a person who does not believe in something

skeptics – noun: a person inclined to question or doubt

fake – noun: not genuine

Question ( s ):

Do you believe someone can speak to those who have passed away? Or are you a nonbeliever?

Have you ever had your fortune told?

How can you explain what a medium does?