They Come In All Sizes

tuxedo cat on brown surface

( Intermediate Level )

Once a stray cat, Mr. Boots maneuvered his way into the hearts of the residents of Cumberton City’s nursing home. He would sit outside and greet the people coming and going into the facility.

Many of the residents loved seeing him. He would curl up in their laps while they were having their outside activities. Purring and soaking up all their pats and belly rubs while everyone basked in the sunshine. Once in a while, he even had scraps of food given to him.

One day, Mr. Boots ventured his way into the facility. Making his way from room to room. He greeted each and stayed for a short while before he became bored. He would get up, stretch and mosey his way to the next room.

Nurse Sally was taking care of Mr. Bill when Boots came in. “Well hello there,” Bill said as the cat jumped into his lap. “What have you named this little guy, Bill?” said Sally as she finished taking Bill’s vital signs.

“I’ve been calling him Mr. Boots. Look at his legs. Four white boots. Honestly, he visits me more than my own family. I rather love his company.”

“He doesn’t do much. He usually curls up somewhere and falls asleep. He does listen to you. As soon as you speak he lifts his head as if he is listening to you.”

“The Director says he can stay as long as he doesn’t become a nuisance here. She will make sure his vaccines are up to date and he gets  neutered also once he’s proven himself.”

Bill looked up at Nurse Sally,” He’s like the rest of us here. Old. Too old to cause any trouble. He knows he has it good here. I know he won’t mess this up.”

At that comment she bid Bill a goodbye until the late afternoon checks. Bill continued to love on Mr. Boots until it was his time to go to see the next. He smiled as he left. “See you later, Old Boy.”

The days ran into weeks and the weeks into months. Mr. Boots continued his same routine until this one particular night. The weather was turning colder and he seemed to enjoy being inside more than anything.

At least this is what everyone at the nursing home felt. Since he was growing older maybe the colder temperatures bothered him more. He spent more time in Bill’s room. Rarely leaving to see others.

Bill didn’t pay much mind to this. He figured he showed more attention to Boots than any other resident so this was why he stayed. Plus he had given boots a blanket to himself to snuggle in.

It wasn’t until Sunday had Bill realized why Boots spent so much extra time with him. On Friday evening, Bill made sure Boots was comfortable in his blanket before he got ready for bed.

Bill went to the bathroom to wash up and change into his pajamas as usual. The same routine he had done every night.

This night was different . As Bill readied himself for bed he felt a strange feeling in his chest. He shrugged it off as something minor.

As he pulled on his pajama top a sharp stabbing pain hit him in the chest. It hit with such intensity that he doubled up hitting his head on the bathroom sink.

The next thing he knows he woke up in the hospital, on Sunday, with his family all around him. Everyone hugged him when he opened his eyes.

“What happened? What day is it? , he asked as his mind was becoming clearer. “The last thing I remember is getting ready for bed and I had this sharp pain in my chest. I grabbed my chest and now I am here.”

His son, Edgar, told him the story, “The doctors said you had a heart attack and they think you hit your head on the way down. That silly cat started roaring these deep meows and running back and forth from the nurse’s station to your room until someone paid attention to him.”

“They found you on the bathroom floor so you are very lucky to have that cat. He made sure you got the help you needed.”

His name is Mr. Boots“, Bill told his son in a stern voice,” He is far from a silly cat. He saved my life according to your story and he gives me hours of comfort. Where is he now?”

He hasn’t left your room since you came to the hospital. They have tried to coax him with food and treats but he will not budge. Seems he is stubborn like you, Pop.” Edgar said. trying to lighten the spirits in the room.”

“When can I get out of here? I need to go and be with him. He needs to eat. He needs to know I am ok thanks to him.”

“The doctor said he will transfer you back to the nursing home this afternoon if you are stable.”

“Good. The sooner the better. You know I dislike hospitals.”

As expected, Bill was transferred back to Cumberton’s number one nursing facility to find Boots curled up in the blanket he had prepared for him the night of his heart attack.

As soon as Mr. Boots saw Bill and he jumped to his feet and leaped onto the bed waiting patiently for Bill to come to him.

“Hi boy,” he said with a caring voice. “ It seems I need to thank you for saving my life. I think you knew something was going to happen to old Bill.” Boots purr was louder than Bill had ever heard. He rubbed his body against Bill’s leg.

Heroes come in all sizes, don’t they boy.” The rest of the afternoon Boots stayed by Bill’s side.

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I truly believe animals are in tune with us. As a dog owner myself, I know my “Bella” knows my moods and when to cheer me up or just cuddle.

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maneuvered – verb: move skillfully or carefully

basked – verb: lie exposed to warmth and light, typically from the sun, for relaxation

ventured – verb: go somewhere

mosey – verb: move in a leisurely manner

nuisance – noun: causing inconvenience or annoyance

neutered – verb: castrate or spay ( an animal)

proven – adjective: demonstrated by evidence

bid _ noun: to give a greeting to someone

love on – phrasal verb: demonstrate care or affection

pay much mind – verb:  to pay close attention to (someone or something)

minor – adjective: lesser in importance

intensity – noun: strength or force

coax – verb: persuade

budge – verb:  make the slightest movement

leaped – verb: move quickly and suddenly

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